Posted by: Garret | September 20, 2014

How Many Scripted Series Can the TV Biz — and Viewers — Handle?

Variety cover, courtesy of

Variety cover, courtesy of

Brilliant write-up on the backside of success in relation to [cable] TV’s current creative boon and industry production epoch. I agree that the TV glut is both a phenomenon to behold and a growing problematic. I’ve suggested the “global temporialism” in a couple of upcoming publications and will address the issue more with the Media Ecology Division during November’s National Communication Association 100th Annual Convention in Chicago. On the one hand, there is a venerability of rich and engaging textuality under development and in continuation on cable. Yet the overwhelming content glut creates a current that drowns audiences in their own pleasures. I personally had to abandon multiple promising cable dramas this summer under the stress of DVR storage limitations and the encroachment of ‘TV everything’ on everyday life. To be sure, this is a new and compelling phenomenon that researchers in a variety of fields should address with urgency from manifold perspectives.


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