Posted by: Garret | August 30, 2014

Ridley Scott: ‘Martian,’ ‘Blade Runner,’ ‘Prometheus’ sequels are all written

Reboot syndrome is symptomatic and problematic. It evokes some of the worst tendencies that industrial Hollywood capitalism can produce. Arguably it may come to represent a form of pseudo-fascist fascination with nostalgic recreation exploitation. Yet maybe sometimes you just gotta let artists be artists and see what happens. At least with Ridley Scott, you have an artist with iconic visual style that knows how to develop, produce, and complete projects within flawed industry schemas. If anything, Scott’s propensity to tinker with his work post-production suggests an artist intent on digital brushstrokes that complement his lifelong artistic if not philosophical, ideological, and perhaps theological epistemologies. More power to ideas and idea-makers, I will always look forward to the flawed output of forward thinkers.


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